6 Things That Weigh About 650 Pounds (lbs)

Often, we focus on the size and shapes of things forgetting the fact that they have a weight attributed to them. The weight of things is very significant as it dictates their price, functions, and values amongst other things.

In this article, we will be taking a microscopic look at things that weigh 650 pounds. 650 pounds is approximately 300 kilograms and that’s quite heavy by human standards.

1. Dexter Cow


Topping our list of objects and things that weigh 650 pounds is the breed of cows that are commonly found in Ireland. The dexter cow breed is the smallest amongst other types of battles that can be found in Europe.

The size of the dexter cow varies and it is largely dependent on their age. Most smaller or younger dexters weigh between 600 pounds to 700 pounds with 650 being the most common weight. Older dexters on the other hand can weigh up to 1000 pounds when they are well fed. 

One physical distinguishing factor that many dexter cows possess is the lack of a horn and those that have horns have very short horns that don’t grow out to become curved. Dexter cows are herd animals and they are very good for milk and meat production. 

2. Harley Davidson Cruiser Motorcycles

Harley Davidson

There are a lot of motorcycles in existence made by different companies but the Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycle stands out for its efficiency and weight.

An average Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycle weighs 650 pounds. The 2020 version of the Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycle maintained the quality in older versions of Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycles.

It is very strong, fast, and efficient, the company also maintained its brand image of making very durable bikes. 

3. Mountain Zebra


A mountain zebra shares a lot of similarities with a regular zebra but some differences still exist between the two species of zebras.

One such difference is weight, the mountain zebra weighs 300 kg which when converted is 600 pounds. As their name implies, mountain zebras are found on mountains and other highlands.

The whole body of a mountain zebra is stripped except its belly and some part of its ass. Mountain zebras unlike plain zebras do not form very large herds and they often move as a group of small families.  

4. Green Anaconda

Green Anaconda

The green anaconda is also known as the common anaconda and it’s the most popular boa species and can be found in Southern America.

This species of snake is the longest and the biggest weighing approximately 650 pounds. The female green anaconda is longer than the male but they are often the same size. Although, it is important to mention that the maximum size of the green anaconda has not been settled as it can grow even bigger than 650 pounds which is their common weight. 

Green anacondas are found in swampy and marshy areas, so you might want to be on the lookout when you go to places like that. Green anacondas are carnivores and they can be very sleek and stealth when they are about to strike.

5. Welsh Pony 

Welsh Pony

This refers to a breed of horse-like animals that can be found majorly in Wales, hence their name; welsh pony. There are different variants of the welsh pony but their universal size or the most common size for welsh ponies is 650 pounds. 

It is a little bit difficult to tell the welsh pony apart from a regular horse but some differences still exist. Usually, Welsh ponies have small heads with large eyes, they also have strong shoulders and legs. They are very fast and can be used for activities such as; hunting, endurance riding, jumping, and sports events. 

6. Grey Seal


This animal is native to the shores of the North Atlantic ocean and they are sometimes referred to as the true seals and earless seals. Amongst other types of seals, they are quite big as they weigh around 650 pounds. 

The grey seal like other types of seals is a carnivore and feeds on different types of fish. They can also feed on larger animals such as the harbor seal. Despite being aquatic animals, the seal can stay comfortably outside water for quite a long time.

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