7 Things That Weigh Around 900 Pounds (lbs)

There are numerous metric units used by people in the world today. Some are used preferably in certain sectors of the world. Popular metric units include pounds, kilograms, grams, ounces, tons, and so many more. The mentioned metric units are often used in measuring the weight of stuff. And preference is minute as you can easily convert from one metric unit to another using google or a converter of your choice. 

Our preferred metric unit here is the pound and we are specifically concerned with 900 pounds exactly. Things that weigh 900 pounds cut across animals, household furniture, and lots of other surprising items you probably never expected. Curious to learn more? Stay tuned to this piece with so many fun facts to learn aside from the weight of these items. 

1. Nine 60 inches Flat Screen LED Television

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The home is a place to relax after a long day of work and bond with family members. There are many ways to have fun such as board games of chess, scrabble, monopoly. However, one thing remains constant in homes which are televisions. Television can be used for several purposes such as connecting to cable TV, Netflix, HBO, and also for playing video games. 

Most homes purchase at least one to watch their favorite shows or for the kids to play games. There are various sizes of televisions such as 32 inches, 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, 75 inches, and so on. Our concern here is the 60-inch television which weighs 100 pounds. Having 9 of these sums up to a gross weight of 900 pounds.

2. Riding horses

thoroughbred horse 500 kg

Horses are one of the most renowned amongst asses across the world. They serve various functions such as transportation and also playing sports like polo. Although horses can be domesticated, wild horses have a stronger build and endurance. Be careful around them as they can cause great body damage. 

For animals this strong, it is only natural that they weigh enough to carry out these multifarious functions. The popular breed of horse we have sitting at this level is the Arabian riding horse which weighs 900 pounds like most horses. Surprisingly, horses are still very swift despite this dense weight.

3. Telephone poles

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The transition to telecommunications was gradual and is still at the forefront of swift communication amongst humans. You can swiftly make a call and pass information within a few seconds. Lots of mechanisms are put in place to ensure this and telephone poles are one of the most crucial. 

Telephone poles are very large and mainly used to hold wires as well as utility lines high above the ground. Even though other methods like masts are now in place, telephone poles are still in use in European countries. Poles which carry out the suspension effectively are around 40 ft in height and weigh 900 pounds. 

4. Two tigers


Amongst cats in the world, tigers are the most ferocious shown by the exceptional strength they channel into hunting. Surprisingly, they are rarely compared to other members of the cat family like lions, leopards, cheetahs. Compared to lions, they have a different fur which is orange-brown and has clear dark stripes.  

As predators on top of the food chain, tigers easily hunt down prey for meat. So many factors contribute to this predatory dexterity and an important one to note is their weight. An adult tiger weighs at least 450 pounds or more. Having two tigers together will amount to a gross weight of 900 pounds. 

5. Grand Piano


Music has served several purposes over the years. For some, it’s an inducement to have fun and dance. For others, it’s a place of solace. To suit the needs of people across the globe, various genres such as Soul, R and B, pop, jazz, classical music, and so many others have been developed. 

Lots of instruments like violins, drums, guitars, saxophones, trumpets, and pianos are used in making music. However, our concern here is the grand piano which is used at peculiar concerts. Unlike keyboards, it’s less easy to move around. The main factor is the fact that they are made out of compact wood which accounts for a gross weight of exactly 900 pounds.

6. Nine Weight Benches


Weightlifting serves various functions for different people. While some have a professional career in weightlifting, other people are involved to get their dream body. So many items are used in gyms such as dumbbells, plates, rods, weight benches, and so many others. Our concern here is weight benches where weightlifters sit or lie on their backs for chest-related workout sessions. 

The weight bench you get determines how smooth your torso workouts go. However, most gyms go for a weight bench with at least 100 pounds of weight. Having 9 of these together amounts to exactly 900 pounds. 

7. Two dumpsters

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Proper disposal is a major influencer of how clean an environment is. The governments of various countries, therefore, provide an effective system of waste disposal. This extends to compel homes and communities to get dumpsters for disposal trucks to pick up waste from. Most of these dumpsters have a holding capacity of around 3000 pounds. 

Due to this containing capacity, they have wheels attached to them to aid easier movements around. A dumpster has a curb weight of exactly 450 pounds. Hence, having two dumpsters together accounts for a weight of 900 pounds.

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