11 Things That Weight About 4 Tons

Learning the weight of things is not only knowledgeable but also full of fun. Knowing weights keeps you ahead of everyone in knowing what surrounds us.

Would you like to feel the adventure of knowing weights and additional tips about them? Numbers 4 and 11 will surprise you.

Keep reading.

1. Daily Whale’s Amount of Food

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The blue whale consumes around 7900 to 8000 pounds of food or more. That is around four short tons as one ton is approximately 2000 pounds.

Fun facts

  • Did you know a blue whale can hold up to 5,000 kilograms of plankton and water?
  •  It is the mammal with the gigantic tongue on earth.  
  • This water mammal is the heaviest mammal under the sun. No wonder it consumes so much food. Funny enough, the mammal is a deep-water hunter, but it should come to the sea surface to take a breath.
  • Occasionally, the blue whales are said to form attachments as they mostly swim in pairs or small groups, and at times swims alone.

2. A Southern Elephant Seal

A male southern elephant seal weighs up to 4,000 kilograms. That is about four tons.

Fun facts

  • You can occasionally come across an elephant seal weighing up to five tons.
  • The animal can dive for almost two hours, going 1,400 meters deep into the sea independently, searching for prey.
  • The southern elephant seal is the top largest carnivore living on earth.
  • The male elephant seal is about five to six times as heavy as the females.

3. Adult hippopotamus

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Adult male hippopotamus weighs about four tons, slightly more (4.13), slightly about the female hippo’s weight.

Fun Facts

  • The name hippopotamus is an ancient Greek word that means “river horse.” This is probably because they run like horses but underwater. The mammal can run at eight kilometers per hour in water 30 kilometers per hour on land.
  • Adult hippos cannot float or swim on water.
  • The animal moves by leaping or walking five miles per hour across the water bottoms.

4. Two Adult Hippo Bites

The animal is more dangerous than a lion. The hippo’s bite is 2,000 pounds, one ton per square inch, and two times the bite of a tiger or lion. Can you imagine?

Fun Facts

  •  It can open its mouth 150 degrees wide. Funny enough, the adult hippo can open up to almost 180 degrees.
  • The hippos’ teeth measure up to 50 centimeters for canines and 4 centimeters for the incisors. Surprisingly, these teeth are used for fighting and not eating, making the animal even much more dangerous.

5. The Asian Elephant

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With the African bush or savannah elephant weighing around 6.7 tons, the Asian elephant weighs about 4 tons.

Fun Fact

The female Asian elephant lacks tusk.

6. Two Male Giraffe

An adult male giraffe weighs two tons (up to 2.130 tons). Multiplied by two, you get four tons.

Fun Facts

  • Giraffe calves add 3 centimeters of height per day.
  • Adult giraffes grow to approximately 5.5 meters tall, with their legs being taller than most humans.

7. Indian Launcher Capability

Launchers are vehicles used to move spacecraft to space. India has one of its launchers, GSLV Mk III, with a super thrust cryogenic stage and engine. It has a launching power of a four-ton communication satellites class.

8. Flat-Bed Truck

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As its name suggests, the truck has a flat bodywork with no sides and roof.

Its structure’s advantage is that it can carry oversized loads like multiple cars to a showroom, containers or electrical poles.

The 15-25 feet truck weighs around eight thousand pounds (8,340).

Fun Fact

There are flat-bed trucks with a freight weight of 24 tons; of course, more significant than the one on this list.

9. Straight Truck

Unlike in the flat-bed trucks, the straight truck is close to all the sides and top, with doors at the back. Therefore, you can only load it from behind. The truck weighs 0.75 to four tons.

Fun Fact

For safety reasons, a good number of people prefer the straight truck.

10. The Weight of Krill a Whale Eats

Did you know the blue whale can feed up to four tons of krill each day? It is the largest mammal ever found on earth, with the adult male whale weighing up to 200 tons and a length of 7.6 meters (25 feet).

Fun Fact

The baby whale weighs three tons during birth and adds up to 200 adult weight feeding on its mother’s milk alone.

11. A Male Adult Dolphin (Orca)

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Various dolphin types vary in features, including appearance, size, behavior, and weight. In this case, the orca is the most suit as it weighs around four tons. However, it can add weight up to six tons.

Fun Facts

  • Different dolphin species feed on a different amount of food. For orca, it feeds on 220 kilograms of fish every day. They also hunt seals, hunt fish, squids and penguins.
  • Dolphins have to sleep close to the surface to breathe. Funny enough, they swim while asleep towards the surface for breathing.
  •  Dolphins have tiny hole-like ears and have no auricles like humans. But they pick sound waves using their heads and jaws and transmits them to the ear for translation.
  • A dolphin utters almost over 100 sounds. For this reason, people predict that the animal has a language like a human. This can connect since the animal is very social.
  • While under attack, these marine mammals usually join in groups and ram a giant shark and kill it. But it is yet to be determined, between the dolphin and the shark, which one is more dangerous?

Do you find yourself curious enough to know the weight of things, both artificial and natural?

It is full of fun and creates a sense of adventure, plus insights into the environment. It is also a refreshing moment as you move into the world of the stuff you are reading about.

Therefore, it is emotionally and mentally healthy to read the weight of stuff and tips on things from time to time. What stuff’s weight on the list surprised you? 

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