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7 Things That Weigh About 5000 Pounds (lbs)

A lot of times, many questions recur about the weight of a lot of items ranging from cars to animals and other facilities that make up the world as we have it today. With various metric units that exist in the world, there are lots of options to pick from. Are you one of those who prefer to use pounds? 

This piece on the list of things that weigh 5000 pounds is one to learn a lot from. 5000 pounds is a dense weight that can be found in some luxury cars and heavy-duty trucks. However, the list doesn’t end with these things and there are so many other amazing discoveries to be made. Stay tuned as we walk through things that weigh up to 5000 pounds in the body of this piece!

1. Rhinoceros


If you ever get into an argument with a subject matter centered around the most aggressive animals that exist on the planet.

These creatures have a peculiar body structure that makes them very dangerous especially when exhibiting aggressive behaviors. Two species of the Rhinoceros are native to Africa and three to SouthEast Asia. Also, at least two males die from fighting each other. 

Rhinoceroses are herbivores with a surprisingly small brain that weighs around 600 grams. Other distinct features of Rhinoceroses are their horns and protective skin that develops layers of collagen.

The Rhinoceros brain is described as relatively small compared to mammals its size. This raises the question about a Rhino’s size. An adult rhinoceros weighs at least 2000 pounds with the common weight set at 5000 pounds. 

2. Mercedes Maybach S560

IAA 2017: Mercedes-Maybach S 560

Developments in technology over the years have greatly influenced culture and the conventional way of doing things by humans. In the area of transportation, the common methods which initially existed included horses, carts, donkeys, and camels. The use of camels was predominant in the sub saharan areas due to the endurance of camels.

The development of cars changed the game. And the luxury version of cars provides a more thrilling experience to both the driver and passengers.

The Mercedes Maybach 560 is definitely a luxury ride you would want to have. Asides from the comfort it provides, this car has a weight of 5000 pounds to withstand heavy impact in unforeseen circumstances. 

3. Tongue of a Blue Whale


Whales are often described by lots of humans as one of the largest mammals that exist in the world at the moment. There are different kinds of whales such as blue whale, fin whale, Sei Whale, Humpback Whale, Bowhead whale, North Atlantic Right Whale, Southern Right Whale, Bryde’s Whale, and so on. 

However, our concern here is the blue whale which has a tongue that weighs 5000 pounds. Shocking right? What is more interesting is that blue whales have the least swallowing capacity despite that size. They cannot swallow any animal that is larger than a beach ball. Instead, they often feed on very small crustaceans commonly referred to as krill. 

4. Tesla Model X

The atmosphere constitutes the most important source of oxygen that keeps human life going. However, the industrial revolution has facilitated pollution of the environment through carbon dioxide from exhaust pipes of different machines. Most cars built with fuel-powered engines equally contribute to this pollution in their wear and tear stages. 

To address this situation of utmost urgency, the wave of electric-powered cars has been ushered in. While different car-producing companies have electric cars, Tesla currently stands at the forefront of electric cars with wide acceptance. We have the Model X, Y, and so on. However, our concern here is the model X which not only provides great functionality but also has a weight of 5000 pounds that helps it withstand impact. You can read more about the weight of each tesla here. As well as reading about why electric cars are so heavy here.

5. Walrus


The Walrus is a mammal that could be mistaken for a seal based on facial appearance. This mammal is usually found in the North pole of the Arctic Ocean and the Northern Hemisphere’s subarctic seas. It has a large flippered body with very evident tusks and whiskers. 

There are two different species of walrus which are the Atlantic Walrus and Pacific Walrus. As their names imply, they live in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean respectively. The Walrus weighs 5000 pounds and only elephant seals weigh above the Walrus. 

6. Five Butter Sculptures

2016 Butter Sculpture Unveiling

Butter is often used as a spread for quick snacks, especially bread. However, the Pennsylvanians have taken this up a notch by making sculptures out of butter during their farm shows that hold annually. After successfully building these butter sculptures, a winner is chosen. 

However, the winning sculpture isn’t kept like every other work of art. Instead, it is combined with cow manure to create methane. One of these butter sculptures weighs 1000 pounds and stacking five of these together accounts for a weight of 5000 pounds. 

7. 20 inches Cargo Container

Carriage of goods by sea is one of the best means of carrying compact goods from one location to another. And goods shipped from one country to another are carried in cargo containers which vary in dimensions.

Our concern here is the 20 inches cargo container which weighs 5000 pounds. With this density, it can comfortably carry a payload of around 55,000 pounds. 

There’s still a lot of things that weigh 5000 pounds out there. Like we mentioned earlier, checking some cars and animals around you might come in handy to make surprising discoveries!