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7 Things That Weigh About 600 Kilograms (kg)

The weight of items keeps getting more interesting with very fascinating discoveries. Learning about a range of items that have a certain weight helps to broaden your reasoning of similar items that might weigh the same.

With various options to pick from in terms of metric unit and focus of the article, this piece borders particularly on the kilogram unit. 

If you’ve been in search of items that weigh 600 kilograms, then you’re at the right place. Aside from learning about the weight of these items, there are also lots of amazing facts to learn. Stay tuned as we walk through these items. 

1. Six Baby Elephants


Elephants are one of the largest mammals to walk the earth. They have a sturdy build with tusks and trunks that make them look distinctively appealing amongst other animals.

Elephants are mostly found around subtropical regions in Africa and Asia. And for many years now, they have been hunted specifically for their tusks which are often used as ornaments. 

However, with regulations by wildlife protection organizations, elephants are now safer than they used to be. An adult Asian elephant can weigh up to 4000 kilograms while African Bush elephants can weigh up to 6000 kilograms.

Since adults weigh this much, let’s take a look at the baby elephants. A baby elephant weighs 100 kilograms. Having six of these baby elephants sums up to a total weight of 600 kilograms. 

2. A Male Holstein Cow

Cows are one of the most productive livestock reared by livestock farmers with lots of amazing benefits. These spans through great income, dairy products, and beef. Hence, they are indispensable contributors to the protein we all consume daily. 

It is safe to say that a mature Holstein cow named Pauline Wayne was once kept by former President William Howard at the white house. It served its time perfectly as the family’s source of milk at the time. While females might weigh less, a male Holstein cow weighs 600 kilograms. 

3. Six Dirtbikes

Certain transport facilities are specifically made for certain climes and locations and the dirtbike is one of these. The name dirt is coined from the fact that dirt bikes are effective in desert-like areas like sandy shores and so on.

It is designed with technology and transmission that performs exceptionally well on rough terrains such as tracks or unsurfaced roads used in scrambling. 

The average weight of one dirtbike equals 100 kilograms. Adding up the weight of six of these dirt bikes accounts for a weight of exactly 600 kilograms. 

4. The Gaur

The Gaur is closely related to the cow and remains one of the largest that exist in that family. It’s bigger than its counterparts like the water buffalo, bison, and cape buffalo.

A common location to find the gaur is in South Asia where they are currently listed as endangered species due to a gravely declined population.  The total estimated population of gaurs as of 2016 was 21,000 mature gaurs. 

Just like cows, gaurs have remarkable density and sturdy body build. Gaurs have a head and body length of 250 to 330 cm and weigh 600 kilograms. 

5. Three Cafe Racers

Cafe Racers were the explorative innovations during the 1960s in London by British motorcycle enthusiasts. Cafe Racers were initially production bikes but got tweaked for speed and quick rides over very short distances.

They have since become popular as a genre of sport motorcycles with factory producers pushing out different models yearly. 

Some popular cafe racers include the CSC San Gabriel 250, Bullit Spirit 125, Cleveland CycleWerks Misfit 2, AJS Cadwell Clubman 125, and so on. Averagely a cafe racer weighs 200 kilograms. Hence, where we have three cafe racers together, a weight of exactly 600 kilograms is accounted for. 

6. Cubic Meter of Snow

Across the world, the Christmas period falls within the snowy time in some countries of the world.

Since Christianity spans across many parts of the world, many observe the rights that this period entails since most offices have yearly vacations around this time. Snowfall gets heavy towards the 25th day of December every year and cubic meters of snowfall can be seen all around. 

To make things fun, a lot of people during eve love to build a snowman out of the snow which falls. One cubic meter of snow weighs 600 kilograms! 

7. False Killer Whales

From the name, you’re probably inferring a very aggressive and dangerous animal. Surprisingly, these kinds of whales are social and can be found in deep offshore waters. 

Hence, you’ll often spot these whales swimming in groups of 10 to 40 while jumping out of the water occasionally. False Killer whales weigh at least 600 kilograms with an increase as they grow bigger. 


There are still lots of amazing discoveries to be made as regards the weight of things that weigh 600 kilograms. Keep your eyes peeled and be on the lookout for more!