8 Things That Weigh About 7000 Pounds (lbs)

The unit pounds, is commonly used in describing the weight of people, cars, animals, and many other items. In the bodybuilding realm, the pound unit is equally a great choice for most people just like the kilogram. Are you curious to learn about items that weigh exactly 7000 pounds?

This piece seeks to help you, not just by listing these items out but by providing you with fun facts and information you probably didn’t know about these items. Sit back, relax, and carefully read through with an open mind towards making more personal discoveries!

1. Hippopotamus


This animal’s name is often shortened as “hippo” and the most common breed is the one found at riverine. The hippopotamus is similar to the crocodile with its semi-aquatic nature. However, they are herbivores and feed on leaves, shrubs, grasses, twigs, unlike the crocodiles. 

The Hippopotamus closely ranks behind the elephant and rhinoceros in terms of body mass and weight. They often inhabit lakes, rivers, swamps with most reproductive activities taking place in the water. Despite having short legs and weighing 7000 pounds, the hippopotamus can still run at 30 km/hr over very short distances. 

2. Toyota Tundra 2016

Toyota Tundra 7000 lbs

Toyota has demonstrated commendable skill in the production of top-tier vehicles for many decades now. This spans through various categories like saloon cars, sedans, wagons, SUVs, and heavy-duty trucks.

Our concern here is the Tundra which is one of Toyota’s most outstanding trucks with 76.2 inches in height and 10.6 inches in ground clearance. 

The Tundra is greatly preferred by many people because it provides a great payload capacity of 2,060 pounds and a towing capacity of 10,500 pounds. Moreover, it has a complimentary 5 seater capacity and weight of 7000 pounds to keep you safe in situations of unexpected impact. 

3. Seven Cows


Cows remain very useful to humans in a lot of ways. The most imminent and indispensable is providing proteinous products such as milk and meat. Through processing technology, we get cheese, yogurt, and other yummy dairy products from the cow. All these enrich the body when consumed and this spurs people into the business of rearing cows. 

Cows are herbivores which makes feeding them quite easier. Moreover, they are naturally inclined to be big and fleshy. The average cow weighs around 1000 pounds. Adding the weight of seven adult cows up accounts for a weight of exactly 7000 pounds. 

4. Nissan Titan 

Nissan Titan 7000 lbs

The Nissan has lots of renowned productions which have proven durable for many decades now.  The Pathfinder and Xterra are some of their cars that are flawless against any terrain. These cars equally have the auxiliary gear to get out of slippery desert or quicksand.

However, Nissan doesn’t stop and keeps improving. The Titan is one of the best trucks in the United States market. It has a powerful V8 engine, comfy seats, and a payload capacity of 2390 pounds.

You can never go wrong with getting one of these for your heavy-duty jobs. When it comes down to density, the Nissan Titan weighs exactly 7000 pounds which are rigid on impact.

5. Seven Grand Pianos

Medium Grand piano 600 lbs

Music has had an indispensable place in the lives of humans for many centuries now. So many genres have been created for the different decades we have such as Classical, Pop, R and B, Blues, gospel, reggae, and so many others. Also, it is important to state that the music you prefer determines the genres you listen to. 

Musical instruments most times add the icing to the cake of music and the Grand Piano is one of these. Grand Pianos are often used in Ball Concerts with lots of classical music. One Grand Piano weighs 1000 pounds. Hence, adding the weight of these together adds up to 7000 pounds. 

6. Ford F250 1999

1996 Ford F250 Pickup 10000 pounds

A lot of people are still surprised how vintage cars get very expensive? Well, there are many reasons such as great production and scarcity.

Let’s take a look at the Ford F250 produced back in 1999. This amazing truck has a solid build to keep cargo safe in situations of impact. Its body structure coupled with an amazing payload capacity of close to 5000 pounds are some of the peculiar features. 

Despite being an old production, the Ford F250 remains relevant in delivering marginal satisfaction to its users. With a 4.6 liters V8 engine that generates up to 220 hp, the Ford F250 sits at a curb weight of 7000 pounds excluding cargo.

7. Rhinoceros


The name Rhinoceros isn’t abstract but has its mythology. It’s a Greek word that means nose-horned and it is often shortened as Rhino. Aside from an obvious horn around their noses, the Rhinos are the largest species of the megafauna with a density as high as one tonne by adulthood. 

Despite this body mass, they have very small brains and a herbivorous diet. Averagely, the rhinoceros weighs 7000 pounds and this can be greater or lesser depending on lots of factors. 

8. GMC Sierra 1500

2021 GMC Sierra 3500HD 10000 lbs

GMC is a great producer of top-tier SUVs and trucks which keep you safe in unexpected impact situations. Recent versions even have bulletproof components and are preferred by most security agencies.

The GMC Sierra has comfy seats and a very efficient engine. With a payload capacity of 2500 pounds, the weight of this vehicle sits at exactly 7000 pounds. 

This write-up has broadened your scope of items that weigh 7000 pounds and we hope you make other similar things in your leisure!

Originally posted on October 15, 2021 @ 9:06 am

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