11 Things That Weight Around 110 Kilograms (kg)

Understanding the weight of items allows you to easily make weight comparisons and make your decision on how much of that thing you need. It also helps you know what a thing weighs by relating it to something similar that you know the exact weight.

The fun part of it is that there are exciting things and animals that weigh around 110 kilograms, and while it might be hard to find things that weigh exactly 110 kilograms, this piece has come to help you search no further.

 Want to know about them? Stay glued till the end to find all the exciting and unbelievable things that weigh around 110 kilograms.

1. Washing machine

Washing Machine

If you frequently use washing machines, you will realize that they are usually big and cumbersome. The typical washing machine weighs about 70 kilograms.

Still, some washing machines weigh 110 kilograms or even slightly exceed that, depending on the concrete block in the machine or its drum capacity. Hence, the bigger the concrete block and drum capacity, the heavier the washing machine. 

2. A Refrigerator


Generally, refrigerators are usually heavy, which is common knowledge one would get by merely looking at them. The average weight of most refrigerators is usually around 90 kilograms and slightly above.

However, certain refrigerators weigh more. For instance, the French door and side-by-side refrigerators weigh about 110 kilograms and some even more. The French door smart refrigerator weighs 145 kilograms.

The exciting thing is that, although the weight of these refrigerators differs, the height is always almost the same. 

3. Twin-size bed (mattress/standard)

twin size bed 110 kg

It is mainly believed that weight determines the quality of a mattress. While this may not be true, we would look at the size of an average mattress.

Generally, an average mattress usually weighs less than 110 kilograms, but a twin-sized bed mattress weighs 110 kilograms.

4. Sectional sofa

sectional sofa 110 kg

A sofa looks quite big on the outside and can be heavy too. A sectional sofa weighs 110 kilograms.

A typical small 2-cushion weighs 100 pounds, that is 45 kilograms, some couches weigh 79 kilograms, and some can weigh about 275 kilograms depending on the type of sofa.

5. Door

A door as slim as it looks weighs about 70 kilograms and more. Several factors influence this such as the type and dimension of the door.

Metal doors are generally heavier than wooden doors. For instance, a marine steel watertight door capacity weighs around 110 kilograms, so if you choose to purchase a door, remember that the material it is made with impacts the weight of the door and everything else. 

6. Generators

generator 110 kg

Generators are pretty heavy because most are designed to be stationed at a particular place. However, some are movable and less heavy, and some come with wheels.

However, most generators intended to stay in the palace weigh around 110 to 130 kilograms depending on their design, amongst other factors.

7. Giant panda bears

The average weight of a panda bear is around  110 kilograms. The male panda bears are usually bigger than the female.

Their weight could be anything between 100 to 150 kilograms. The female panda bears that are smaller could weigh anything between 60 kilograms to 120 kilograms. 

8. Pacific white-sided Dolphin


If you’ve seen dolphins in movies on TV, you may have probably imagined them as massive creatures.

The average weight of a pacific white-sided dolphin is 110 kilograms. While the male dolphin weighs about 200 kilograms, the female dolphin can weigh about 150 kilograms. 

9. Spectacled Bear

A spectacled bear, especially the mature one, usually weighs about 110 kilograms. While the male spectacled bear weighs about 110 to 120 kilograms, the female spectacled bear weighs between 60 to 80 kilograms because they are lighter than the males. 

10. Marsh deer


An average marsh deer weighs about 110 kilograms, and its length can be up to 2m. They are primarily found in South America. The female marsh deer weighs less than the male, and their baby’s weight could be up to 4.2 kilograms.

11. Topi

This particular animal is mainly found in Uganda in East Africa. It has a weight of about 110 kilograms and a height of 130 cm. The animal is friendly, and the male topi weighs more than the female topi.

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