12 Things That Weight Around 30 Grams

Did you know that an average pancake weighs around 30 grams? That should tell you how much you are consuming when you eat four pancakes in the morning. That said, 30 grams is not a lot of weight. In fact, it’s only 1.05 ounces, and you can lift it with one finger.

In this list of items that weigh 30 grams, we have included everyday household things and other not so common items. We have also put together more than one item to reach the 30-gram mark because many small items weigh very little.

1. Pennies


The American penny has come a long way since Benjamin Franklin first designed it in 1787. Its copper content has significantly reduced and only makes up 2.5% of the one-cent piece made in 1982 and later. Still, the cost of producing one penny is more than its face value to the high cost of copper at an estimated 1.8 cents per penny. Currently, the USA copper plated zinc core penny weighs 2.5 grams. That means a dozen pennies weigh exactly 30 grams.

2. American Parakeet

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Parakeets are fabulous additions to any bird-loving family. They are small, joyous and full of positivity, as long as you keep them healthy. One significant indicator of a parakeet’s health is weight. A healthy American parakeet weighs 25 to 35 grams or 1.1 ounces. Because 30 grams is so low, you should weigh the bird after they have pooped or before they eat breakfast. If your bird is underweight or overweight, seek a vet’s advice immediately.

3. Mice

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Here is an interesting fact- mice are not native to the United States, and they likely come over via boats and ships from other parts of the world. Unlike rats, mice have big hairless ears and a very long tail. That aside, an average adult mouse weighs about 30 grams if it’s feeding well. If your house is always clean and there is no food to steal, the mice can weigh 17 to 25 grams.

4. 30 Paper Clips


Paper clips are some of the most widely used office items in the world. But you know how much one of these metal pieces weigh? The weight of a regular paper clip is 1 gram, which means a set of 30 weighs 30 grams. However, a jumbo paper clip can weigh as much as 1.5 grams, but those are rarely used.

5. A Bag of Cheez-its 

Cheez-its crackers are arguably the best snack crackers of all time. They are basically light and crispy cheesy baked crackers made with 100% real cheese. The recommended serving size of this delicious snack is 30 grams, which is the exact weight of a bag of Cheez-its. Considering each cracker weighs 1.1 grams, you would need 27 pieces to get to 30 grams.

6. Light Bulb

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The actual weight of any light bulb varies from type to type, depending on size, brand and how big the filament is. Since the bulb is hanging on a very delicate electrical component, it needs to be as light as possible. For that reason, a standard sixty-watt bulb weighs only 34 grams.

7. 2 Compact Discs


Remember those days when we used cassette tapes to watch movies and listen to music? Thanks to technology, storing content has become so much easier. Before the invention of Youtube, iTunes and Flash discs, there were awesome items called compact discs or CDs. Unlike tapes, CDs were extremely thin and could hold up to 90 minutes of music. In terms of weight, one CD weighs only 15 grams, so you need 2 CDs to have 30 grams.

8. 7 Teaspoons of Sugar


When cooking or baking, it seems that most people use teaspoons or tablespoons to measure sugar instead of grams or ounces. However, it’s easy to convert the number of teaspoons you use to grams if you want to compare recipes. For example, 7 teaspoons of sugar weigh 30 grams, so you can use this to know how many spoons you need to measure 100 grams or more.

9. Half a Dozen Nickels


Before we had the modern Jefferson nickel, there were many other nickels such as Washington nickel, Shield nickel, Liberty Head V nickel and the Buffalo nickel. Interestingly, all these nickels weighed exactly 5 grams and are often used to calibrate a weighing scale. The difference between all these nickels was their composition, with the most recent one having silver. To get 30 grams, you need half a dozen nickels.

10. 2 Cookies

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They say one cookie is never enough, and they are right. You need at least two, especially if they are chocolate chip cookies. The crispy exterior and the chewy, sugary middle is enough to make your day fun. Thankfully, one chocolate chip cookie only weighs 15-16 grams and about 80 calories, so you can have two if your quota is 30 grams.

11. Metal Teaspoon

To measure the average weight of a standard teaspoon made of metal, 19 different makes of teaspoons were weighted. Although each spoon had a different weight ranging from 45 grams to 12 grams, the average weight of a teaspoon came to be around 25 grams, with a 95% confidence interval of 22 to 30 grams. Teaspoons with plastic handles were also accepted, and that lowered the average weight.

12. Slice of Bread


It’s no secret that white bread is one of the foods people looking to lose weight are discouraged from eating. If you can’t stand not eating bread however, it’s important to know how much you can eat. When counting macros, keep in mind that one slice of bread weighs around 30 grams or 38 calories.

Originally posted on September 17, 2021 @ 9:16 am

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