What’s The Heaviest Tiny Things In The World? 10 Small Yet Heavy Objects

Looks can be deceiving is something we hear regularly. However, when it comes to the heaviest tiny things in the world, this well-known coined phrase is highly relevant.

And of course, when compiling this list, we had to consider that what may be classed as heavy and tiny is entirely relative to the object’s environment and our opinion.

There are some objects that although are not huge by anyone’s standards, are in fact quite heavy either relative to the group they belong to or just generally speaking.

What’s the heaviest tiny things in the world? To answer this question and to make the article more interesting, the following list of the heaviest tiny things in the world has been put into two categories – metal-based objects and nonmetal objects. 

  1. Lead fishing weight
  2. Mini horseshoe magnet 
  3. Swiss army knife
  4. Brass Zippo lighter
  5. Mini cold chisel
  6. Billiard cue ball
  7. Glass paperweight
  8. Snow globe
  9. Glass marbles
  10. Jar of mustard

Although there will be some readers just looking to lighten their day with some fun facts, some visitors to this post are after a better understanding of the world they live in. 

Parents would be well advised to demonstrate that just because an object may be tiny, it doesn’t mean to say that it is light. 

One way to do this would be to introduce a large item that is light and a small object that is quite hefty. 

Metal-Based Objects

1. Lead Fishing Weight


Deemed unethical by many people and banned in some parts of the world, these weighty fishing sinkers are, however; still used today.

Weighing anything from a single gram to a few pounds, these traditional lead fishing weights are used for both fly fishing and deep sea fishing.

Due to their small size, it’s easy getting a stack of these weights into your fishing tackle box.   

2. Mini Horseshoe Magnet


The U-shaped magnet is just what we think of when picturing a magnet from a cartoon. 

These miniature versions of the classic horseshoe magnet are great to demonstrate various points during science projects and weigh around 7 ounces.

And although being tiny, they are quite powerful. Kids into playing with magnets will often have a few of them in their pockets, weighing them down a bit. 

3. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

No genuine lover of the great outdoors will leave home without their trusty Swiss army knife. 

The only downside to these hefy survival tools used for crafting tent stakes and cutting tinder is their weight. 

Generally speaking, the Swiss army knife will weigh about a pound – this usually depends on the amount of tools on each model though.  

4. Brass Zippo Lighter 


The gold standard of durable and reliable lighters, the brass Zippo can be seen in the hands of smokers from all walks of life.

Weighing in at around 100 grams (0.22Ib) depending on the model, these classic American lighters are useful for a wide range of activities including camping trips.

Lighting your campfire with this timeless classic that is heavier than it looks will make special outings feel even more memorable.   

5. Mini Cold Chisel

Mini Cold Chisel

Made from high-carbon steel, mini cold chisels are an essential tool for contractors serious about dealing with awkward working areas.

Models at only 1/4 inch in length can weigh about an ounce, giving the user the perfect opportunity to carry out work tasks without too much strain on their arms.

These tools used for cutting off rivets and rods when in a tight space are very handy for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike. 

Nonmetal Objects

6. Billiard Cue Ball


Although there are different versions of billiards, all the balls used in the various games are roughly the same weight. 

That said, the cue ball does tend to be slightly heavier at around 6 ounces (0.17kg) compared to other balls. 

Traditionally, billiard balls were made from clay and wood amongst other materials with plastic being the material of choice these days. 

7. Glass Paperweight


Although we can use almost any small object as a paperweight, decorative glass paperweights are very popular options for the more artistic homeowner. 

Small glass paperweights can weigh about 80 grams (0.18Ib),  something which is determined by its size, of course.  

Heavy glass paperweights crafted to perfection not only are extremely practical but also look great, especially when the light reflects off them.  

8. Snow Globe


Popular in many countries across the globe, these often beautiful decor items at number eight in our list of the heaviest tiny things in the world were used for advertising in the United States during the 1940’s. 

Meticulously crafted, glass snow globes, which can weigh anything from a couple of ounces to about 2 pounds, are sometimes used as a paperweight due to their aesthetic characteristics.  

They usually consist of a small scene of some kind on display, which is encased in a spherical transparent dome and includes a heavy base in the object’s design.  

9. Glass Marbles


Not many adults will recall their childhood without conjuring up the image of a big bag of glass marbles 

Used in a variety of popular schoolyard games – the game marbles being the most common, they weigh an average of 0.16 ounces for a regular 9/16 inch marble.  

And considering the plethora of eye-catching designs of glass marbles, there’s no wonder that many people choose to use them as decorative features at home or in some cases, at the office.

10. Jar of Mustard


Anyone with a penchant for sweet yet spicy condiments is bound to have at least one jar of mustard in the kitchen. 

Weighing in at around 750 grams (1.65Ib) for the larger of the jars available, this last entry in our list of the heaviest tiny things in the world is surprisingly – yes, you guessed it, heavy!

Lashing this popular sauce made from mustard plant seeds onto your favorite meals is an absolute must for mustard maniacs. 



Originally posted on July 13, 2020 @ 7:56 am

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