12 Common Items That Weigh About 9 Pounds

Although many small to medium-sized items are relatively light, especially if not made from metal, this is not always the case.

In our list of common items that weigh about 9 pounds or 4,082 grams shown below, we’ve looked at objects that are mostly in the medium-size range.

It can be quite difficult to guess what something weighs, especially if the object has lots of internal parts.

With this list, we’ve also thought about putting more than one of these items together to see if we can get to 9 pounds weight in total. 

1. Wireless Printer

Wireless printer 9 pounds

Multipurpose printers with a built-in scanner and other functions can be found at around 9 pounds in weight or 4.082kg.

The size of the wireless printer, which is pretty much standard these days, is usually around 20 x 40 x 15cm when talking about this weight range.

And although the weight of the ink cartridges is insignificant regarding overall weight, some components are quite heavy.

2. Grill & Hotpot

When looking at grill & hotpot options, we came across a stack of them falling into the  9 pounds or 4,082g weight range. 

Mostly with a 9.6 inches hotpot diameter and 3.5 inches grill, some models of grill & hotpot at about 9Ibs can contain 2 litres of liquid. 

The material the lid is made from such as glass or metal can make a difference to the overall weight too. 

3. Garden Statue

Garden statue

Garden gnomes and other statues for the garden will vary tremendously in their size and what they are made from.

Ceramic garden statues standing at about 85cm can easily weigh between 8 and 10 pounds. 

If we’ve got a garden statue that is fully water-resistant, we can avoid picking up a rain-drenched statue after a serious downpour. 

4. 9 Cans of Soda


Although many of the cans of soda we researched weighed 12 ounces, especially those found in the US, some weigh about 16 ounces or 1 pound.

Australian energy drinks (500ml) can be bought at 16.9 ounces in weight, which means around 9 of these will come to about 9 pounds or 4,082 grams. 

Cans of soda can weigh anything from 5.5 ounces up to 32 ounces.  

5. 9 Classic Basketballs (Size 7)

9 basketballs 9 pounds

There are a few differently sized basketballs on sale – some being the official ball used in NBA competition. 

Classic basketballs weighing around 16 ounces or 1 pound are often made from a composite of materials and constructed with just one piece.

PE coaches may be interested to know that 9 (size 7) basketballs can weigh about 9 pounds. 

6. 32-inch LED TV

32 inch LED TV 9 pounds

The main reason someone may wish to know how much a 32-inch LED TV weighs is that they plan to mount theirs on the wall.

Wall-mounted 32-inch LED TVs weighing about 9 pounds or 4.082kg will come with several ports including at least 2x USB ports.

For people that want a lighter LED TV, it’s possible to find lots of options at about 3kg. 

7. Golf Club Set (6-10 Clubs)

golf club set 9 pounds

Although many golf courses provide rental options for clubs and other equipment, most amateur golfers prefer to own their own sets of clubs.

A set of 6-10 stainless steel golf clubs that come with a carry case on wheels and are of standard length can easily be found at a total weight of 9 pounds.

Many of the bags are around 1-1.5kg with additional weight on these sets coming from extras like umbrella-holding straps and pockets for balls etc.

8. Retro Record Player

Retro Record Player 9 pounds

Mostly made from wood or plastic or even a combination of both materials, many retro record players weigh around 9 pounds.

Going from around 2kg to 4kg and more, retro record players with an array of modern features like USB and Bluetooth capabilities will vary in size.

Some of the better retro record players have built-in speakers, which adds to the weight of the item.

9. Mobile Toolbox


Tradespeople won’t want to drag their tools around the site, not when there are so many mobile toolboxes online.

Mobile toolboxes weighing around 9 pounds will sometimes be about 65 x 40 x 35cm in size.

Polycarbonate models of these handy items will help keep the weight down and are often complete with a steel telescopic handle. 

10. Pet Food Container

Buying pet food in bulk and storing it in a large container makes perfect sense as long as the box isn’t too heavy.

The larger of these useful items at about 9 pounds in weight will be around 45 x 27 x 50cm and should store about 25 litres of food.

But just because we buy one of these containers for our pet’s food, it doesn’t mean we can’t use it to keep other things in like rice or sugar. 

11. A Set of Porcelain Plates

Porcelain Plates 9 POUNDS

Large porcelain plates suitable for the oven or microwave will vary in what they weigh.

A set of 6 porcelain plates with a wide rim will usually come in a 26.8 x 26.8 x 0.65cm size and weigh about 9Ibs or 144 ounces. 

Although we usually pick up just one plate at a time, it’s useful knowing how much a box of plates weigh if we’re planning to move house. 

12. Medium-Sized rug


From around 2kg up to 10kg or more, a medium-sized rug will be made from several different materials.

Polypropylene rugs that weigh 9 pounds or 4.082kg may be in the 100 x 150 x 0.64cm range. 

The one thing that might affect the weight of medium-sized rugs apart from their overall size is whether they are short pile or shaggy pile.

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